OnlyFams- Not just a memecoin! (Community building phase)

The first 500 Telegram members are whitelisted and receive 100 million tokens as a gift!

What is OnlyFams?

OnlyFams is a meme cryptocurrency, with lottery and prize win game features. The token is committed to the power of the community, the token was started by some good friends who are experienced in cryptocurrencies, our goal is to go as far as possible and beat the older tokens and get into the most exchanges!
Our token is tax-free, secured, with closed liquidity, an immutable contract, we trust in the power of the community and believe that together we can reach the highest peaks.
To the moon!


Total Supply:
Symbol: ONLY
Token Name: Onlyfams
Network: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
Token Pair: BNB

No Taxes, No Bullshit. It’s that simple.


Circulating supply




Early airdrop


Airidrop after launch

Onlyfams Features

Together we can defeat the old meme tokens, let's show the world the power of the crowd!


Lottery (After launch)

The modern cryptocurrency version of the classic lottery. Draws every Sunday! In the first month, you can apply for a lottery for free, which is drawn by a random generator. The winner will be paid in ONLY tokens. Details on our telegram channel.


BSC Network - No high Fees

The token runs on the binance smart chain (BSC) network, there are no high transaction costs, no high slippage, and no taxes when buying or selling tokens.


Prize win games

In the beginning, we treat our customers with prize games. We reward everything that contributes to the growth of the token community. Invite people to telegram and get tokens, make a meme, post it on your twitter and get tokens! More details on our telegram channel.


We plan to see the token on these exchanges after launch