Frequently Asked Questions

On pancakeswap, you can exchange tokens on the BEP-20 network with BNB pairs. Later, you will also find the token on exchanges, such as MEXC or Bitmart. If you need help, go to our Telegram channel, and ask for help.

The OnlyFams token is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which is growing day by day by the power of the community. This is a memecoin sweepstakes game with a lottery feature

You will receive the purchased only tokens in your crypto wallet immediately after purchase. You need a cold wallet, such as metamask, or trust wallet, or safepal wallet.

The minimum purchase amount is not specified, but for the transaction to take place, it is necessary to purchase tokens worth at least $1

It depends on the power of the community, if you are an early entrant and hold the token, you will be able to make very big money from small money. This is not investment advice, always risk as much money as you can afford to lose.

The advantage of buying a token is that the earlier you buy it, the more it will be worth later. You can buy the token without TAX and no other costs will be deducted.

The introduction to the stock exchanges is continuous, initially you can only buy it on Pancakeswap, and later you will find and buy it on the MEXC, Hotbit, Bitmart, and Huobi exchanges. We always inform the fams on the telegram channel about the exchanges where the token is listed

No, it can only be traded against BEP-20 tokens. (USDT,BNB,BUSD)

Accepted crypto wallets:

Metamask, TrustWallet, Safepal

Those who are real crypto enthusiasts and have purchased large sums of money are welcome to apply privately on our VIP Telegram channel. Manipulation of the exchange rate is prohibited, giant wallets are prohibited in order not to take the money of small investors.